Happy #LEAPYear2020

Happy New Year Everyone! We hope you have enjoyed the Christmas & New Year break and have recharged your batteries ready for #LEAPYear2020!

What is #LEAPYear2020?

In case it may have missed your attention (easily done), 2020 is a Leap Year. LEAP did not want to miss an opportunity to make 2020 the year in which we raise more awareness of youth homelessness and provide insight into the need for more affordable houses for young people and young families, involving business leaders and their teams who would like to help us make a real difference.

With this aim in mind, and in partnership with the City of Lincoln Council, LEAP have designed a #LEAPYear2020 Fundraising Calendar, free to individuals, families & businesses committed to running or partaking in a minimum of two fundraisers throughout 2020 to raise funds for the young people at LEAP. This can include attending the Mayor of Lincoln's LEAP Year Charity Ball on Saturday 14 March 2020, planning a Coffee Morning or run the Lincoln 10k in June 2020. All funds raised will support the team in the provision of person-centred support & activities.

So, How Can You, Your Family and/or Your Team Get Involved?

Anyone interested in making a real difference and wanting to take part in our high-profile, year-long #LEAPYear2020 Awareness-Raising & Fundraising Activities can request one of our free A3 Wall Calendars by sending a postal address* to info@leap.uk.com (*we will only use this information for sending out the calendar).

Once in receipt of the calendar, you will find a few fundraising ideas on the back of the poster to get you started. At the very least, we would like to encourage you to register on Go Raise and Amazon Smile, where many of your online purchases throughout 2020 will trigger the shops from whom you purchase to donate a percentage of the sale to your charity of choice, which we hope will be LEAP. You can find more details of how to register here.

Want to plan in fundraisers more regularly? For inspiration, LEAP will share with you 5 fundraising ideas at the start of every month via our Facebook, Twitter & Linked In Pages and on our website. Alternatively, you can create your own fundraiser and plan them in your personal #LEAPYear2020 Fundraising Calendar.

We love it when people share their activities on their Social Media channels as it helps to raise awareness of youth homelessness, LEAP's work in Lincolnshire and helping to evidence your organisation's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). As such, don't forget to take some fun-filled snaps and share them with us and the world, using the hashtag #LEAPYear2020.

Your Fundraising Inspiration for January 2020

We appreciate that December 2019 has probably been an expensive month for many. As such, we hope you like our inspiration for fundraising activities that will not cost you a penny, or maximum a few pennies. Follow us via our Facebook Page, on Twitter, Linked In or check out our dedicated web page here.

We hope you agree that #LEAPYear2020 could provide fun, well-being and good vibes for you, your family and your team, while raising awareness and funds for those young people affected by homelessness and in need of LEAP's support.


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