A Journey Through LEAP...

LEAP staff met with two of our young adults who kindly agreed to be interviewed to give us a perspective of their journey through LEAP and some advice for any new young adults entering the project. Here’s what Adam and Jeanine think:

Q1. Can you please give us an overview of your experience so far of living at LEAP and how you have found supported housing?

Adam: Having previously lived at LEAP, I think it is easier this time around as support staff offers a more personal service and I don’t feel like a client, more like an individual. LEAP has given me practical and functional advice which has been tailored to my personal circumstances.

Jeanine: I have found LEAP staff to be extremely helpful and they are always there to talk to me when needed but most useful for me is living independently and being given my own space.

Q2. What have you enjoyed the most throughout your experience of living in supported housing?

Jeanine: I access lots of support from staff which is good. This has helped me boost my self-esteem which was low when I first moved here but gaining independence has helped me build up on this.

Adam: There is a variety of staff with different skills and different backgrounds which is good when you need different types of help, as there is usually someone who can help.

Q3. When accessing services through LEAP, how easy have you found this, and how beneficial was this support for you?

Adam: Throughout the week this is usually pretty quick because there are lots of staff who are there to help. However, obtaining the right support over the weekend can sometimes be a little slower due to the rotating of peoples shifts but right support is usually always on hand.

Jeanine: The services are easy to access and very beneficial, as they have helped me with the emotional state I have been in, in the past. LEAP have also sign posted me to other organisations which have been helpful when I have needed further advice.

Q4. If you could give any advice to future young adults entering the project, what would you say?Jeanine: When living at LEAP you are given big opportunities to sort your life out, and staff will walk alongside you when doing this. Staff provide the tools to help you change. Don’t reject the help offered if it seem like you need it.

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