My LEAP Experience - C's Story

C has been in LEAP supported accommodation staying at Homer House from the 1st of July 2015 until the 28th of August 2016. C first moved to LEAP from living in a B&B he had difficulties with his mental health, low self-esteem and was previously self-harming. C settled into Homer House well and quickly made friends. C has come a long way since first moving into LEAP, he has done volunteering, attended education settings, and worked with staff to build on his confidence and self esteem. C has not self-harmed since he has been at LEAP and he says he no longer struggles with his mental health and has said that he feels really happy. C was an active member of the LEAP community and attended C in sessions and other activities available to residents such as budgeting and cooking. C was ready to find work and is now working in events security and thoroughly enjoys doing this saying that he enjoys meeting new people and doing something productive with his time. C has now moved into Nacro Step forward project and has developed in to a confident and hardworking individual.

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