My LEAP Experience - H's Story

December 16, 2016

H moved into LEAP accommodation in 2014. He initially lived in one of our dispersed houses, but was soon moved into Homer House where he was able to access additional support. He found that the transition to 24 hour support more assisted him to become more able to deal with his anxiety and depression. H said that he initially fell in with the wrong crowd, but this was identified by the support workers and they began to put strategies in place to help him make positive choices.

     H become a regular attendee at the Drop-In session held and contributed to giving feedback to organisations such as the Young Inspectors, as well as making suggestions for improvement within the organisation itself. H said, “The whole experience was initially difficult, but I had to learn to manage and keep myself to myself. I have made some good friends especially over the last 6 months and I’m still in contact with them.”

     Support offered to H enabled him to move into independent living, where he has now settled in a one bedroom flat. H has had to get used to lots of changes and this includes budgeting and prioritising household expenditure. These skills were being taught to H as he was being prepared to move on, however he stated “…I wish I had made more of an effort to listen to what I was being told!”

     H went on to say that he could not believe how far he has come since he began his journey with LEAP. Three years ago he was in care and now he has his own home, he even talks about politics and how it affects him now. H said that, “living independently is like freedom, now having to worry about things except for bills. The first month was difficult but with the right support you can get through it.” H wanted to than all the staff for their help in getting him where he is today.

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