Proud Yellow Belly leaping for LEAP

What better way to raise money for a great cause than by jumping out of a perfectly good airplane? Lincolnshire born Actress Miranda Heath took part in a sponsored skydive labelled ‘Leap4Leap’ that saw her plummet thousands of feet in an attempt to raise money for our charity.

Leap4Leap took place across Lincolnshire’s beautiful country side on 22 November 2015. Miranda managed to raise a whopping total of £240.00 for the charity but the total is still growing.

Miranda speaks about where her inspiration for doing the sponsored skydive came from:

“When my brother died in 2013, we wanted a charity to donate to with the money collected at the funeral. Although my brother had no dealings with LEAP, he was passionate about Lincoln and helping people out when they're struggling and having a tough time - he was also an extremely generous person, so we thought LEAP was the perfect charity to choose and we wanted to take a leaf out of his book and continue raising money for them.

LEAP seems to fill a much needed gap to support young and vulnerable people. Giving people a helping hand when they're struggling. I think LEAP embodies something that all of us should do, looking out for each other, being selfless and helping those who need it. The work they do is truly amazing and inspiring; I'm just so pleased I can give something back. Plus I'm a Yellow Belly and love supporting my city.”

Although the skydiving experience might be a terrifying situation for some Miranda says she had no second thoughts:

“No I didn't think twice. In fact I was surprised how relaxed I felt about it. I think when you lose someone and you've been utterly heartbroken, nothing seems that scary anymore.”

If you wish to donate towards the sponsored skydive go onto the Virgin Money Giving website at:

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