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On this page, you’ll find the latest news stories on everything from campaigns to fundraising events and awards.  Have a read of our fantastic clients and workers at LEAP and discover their stories and experiences.

My LEAP Experience - H's Story

H moved into LEAP accommodation in 2014. He initially lived in one of our dispersed houses, but was soon moved into Homer House where he was able to access additional support. He found that the transition to 24 hour support more assisted him to become more able to deal with his anxiety and depression. H said that he initially fell in with the wrong crowd, but this was identified by the support workers and they began to put strategies in place to help him make positive choices. H become a regular attendee at the Drop-In session held and contributed to giving feedback to organisations such as the Young Inspectors, as well as making suggestions for improvement within the organisation itself. H

My LEAP Experience - C's Story

C has been in LEAP supported accommodation staying at Homer House from the 1st of July 2015 until the 28th of August 2016. C first moved to LEAP from living in a B&B he had difficulties with his mental health, low self-esteem and was previously self-harming. C settled into Homer House well and quickly made friends. C has come a long way since first moving into LEAP, he has done volunteering, attended education settings, and worked with staff to build on his confidence and self esteem. C has not self-harmed since he has been at LEAP and he says he no longer struggles with his mental health and has said that he feels really happy. C was an active member of the LEAP community and attended C in

My LEAP Experience - R's Story

R moved to LEAP as an Intense Housing Management client on the 14th September 2016. When he first came to live in LEAP he struggled with his mental health, he could not make eye contact with staff and would spend most of his time in isolation in his room. He has worked with support staff, housing management staff and Inspire and with support he has registered and accessed his GP for his mental health. He has sorted out his benefits and paid his rent regularly every 2 weeks, he has not been in arrears since his benefit payments were dealt with in December. Due to his mood and mental health he struggled to find the motivation to keep his room clean and tidy and again with the support from LEAP

Local Charities Day

As a Local Charity, LEAP will be supporting #LocalCharitiesDay on Friday 16th December. "‘Celebrating Local Charities Day - how to get involved’ Every day thousands of people around the country working in small, local charities are volunteering their time, expertise and goodwill to help improve the lives of others in our communities. On December 16 we will be leading the first ever Local Charities Day, shining a spotlight on all of this fantastic work and celebrating the dedication and commitment of those involved. And we need everyone to take part. We want to highlight the small community groups and charities that are making a real difference to people’s lives and celebrate the unsung heroe

We need your donations!

Over the Christmas period, we like to provide activities, cook, make gifts, and provide a Christmas day where all of our clients can come together. We need your help to give our young people the best Christmas we can under very difficult circumstances. Would you consider donating funds, a voucher, gifts, goods or food to help us achieve our mission? We thank you in advance for your support! Your donation is greatly appreciated and will be used to make the most of what is often a very difficult time for our Young People. You can either donate online at, call us on 01522 563530 and we can arrange collection, or send a cheque to LEAP Ltd, Homer House, Monson St

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