Help us raise funds for the benefit of young people in our accommodation


… without even spending an extra penny!

Sign up to Go Raise and AmazonSmile, and pick LEAP as your charity.

GoRaise features over 3,000 retailers that will donate to your chosen cause when using the GoRaise website & app. Retailers such as Trainline, Booking.com, Viking, VistaPrint and more will generously donate between 0.5 - 5% of your purchase to your chosen charity.

Click the logo today to sign up.

When you sign up to AmazonSmile choosing LEAP as your charity, 0.5% of your purchases are donated to us! Sign your business up through smile.amazon.co.uk to get started.

Would prefer to donate practical items for the young people in our accommodation? Please also check out the LEAP Amazon Wishlist. Please do remember to make your purchases through Amazon Smile, not the main Amazon site!


1. GoRaise and Amazon

2. Spend your Retail Points


… without even spending an extra penny!

Many supermarkets and shops today give points that translate into money saved or money off certain items. Unsure what to spend it on?


Homeless young people often come to us with very few belongings. As such, we like to make up a ‘Welcome Pack’ which includes bedding, towels, a First Aid kit, a toiletries starter pack and/or a food parcel.


Any donations in kind of bedding, towels or other items that can help our accommodation feel more like a home to add to the Welcome Pack are most welcome.

3. Eco-Fines

I am sure you have all heard of a swear box. Well, eco fines are a great way to encourage your family & your team to live & work greener. Any time someone leaves the lights on or buys something wrapped in single-use plastics, colleagues are given permission to insist on adding a small donation to the ‘Eco Fines’ piggy bank.


While it is a fundraiser, we genuinely hope that over time you raise less funds as your family and/or team members become more aware of their carbon footprint.

4. Penny Wars or Rock-Paper Scissor Tournament

Ever have too much copper-coloured change in your wallet? Well, here are two further suggestions.

Nominate & pair up with another team or partner organisations for some friendly competition.

  1. Penny Wars - Build the longest line of coins or fill a large print-out of your logo with those pesky copper-coloured coins in your wallet and see who can raise the most.

  2. Rock, Paper, Scissor Tournament – Who doesn’t remember playing Rock, Paper, Scissors as a child? Every person wanting to take part, pays a small participation fee.


While these are fantastic fun to play within your team, it becomes 3 times the fun when played against another team or partner organisation!


Don’t forget to take photos and share them with us on Social Media using the #LEAPYear2020 hashtag


Let the War/Tournament commence!


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